About Us

At Khyber Pass Kabob - we aim to make you apart of our family. We are family owned and believe that to get the best experience dining at an Afghan establishment is to make you feel like family!

The owners are two sisters, Marwary and Mariam Nasiri. They were born in the Bay Area and grew up in a very active Afghan household. Their parents came to America from Afghanistan in the 1970's. Since the girls and their younger brother were born - they witnessed hard work all around them. This ignited a passion in the sisters to work hard and create a legacy and a tribute to their background. At Khyber Pass Kabob, you will get a taste of the Afghan culture. From the generous hospitality served by all staff members to the tasty food - you feel like Afghan Royalty. 

Stop by and get to know us while enjoying savory food from Afghanistan. Don't forget to finish your meal with some Afghani Chai (tea) and baklava.